Community Challenge: Identify Airdrop Farmers

If your addresses were disqualified for farming because you are alledged to owned many for farming purpose and in your efforts in defending the judgement meted out on you, you created 4 account, 1 main & 3 back ups to upvote you post(s)

The reason the team should stress themselves looking into your issue should be a priority for you at the moment. I hope you will put up a very good defense as I will like to follow up on your issue on GitHub


I dont understand? 4 accounts? Upvotes?

I had one account and today I tried setting up and running multisig tasks. I have no idea what you mean.

I have no idea who these are ?? — All 3 (@lailelaodi, @gongzihu5 and @970839422)

Read this

Thanks, I re-read through it again and made more sense of it…

Basically - I assumed he was taling about something else when I had no Idea what he actually meant.

As I said, I didn’t even know what he meant by upvoting and assumed Id done it by mistake…

All I know is I was on spreadsheet a couple of months ago and now I’m not and I dont have tem accounts.

I was planning to set up some hardware and checked today and couldn’t find address.

Question 1: Since it is a multi-signature wallet, it must be signed and guarded by multiple wallets together
Question 2: In the witch condition, it is normal to sign multiple wallets in >= 10 addresses. Considering the airdrop share, a plan can be made. Only 2 addresses are airdropped in 10 addresses. Peacefully resolve the witch war

I’m very confused, would rather 28 bounty hunters hunt thousands of multi-signature users why not consider intercepting only those witch addresses that create 100+ or 500 5000

A large number of retail addresses are reported maliciously, mainly 2, 3 and 4 in cities
Air drop hunters with malicious reports
Request to recheck the reporting list
Re verify the rewards for the whistleblower, and suggest that the lock in whistleblower receive a 10-year reward.
For whistleblowers who report maliciously, their rewards for reporting will be canceled directly

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