Cross chain swap vis

Hello folks,

This is related to a safe app for cross chain swaps called gnuswap


gnuswap - A safe sdk based UI for cross chain transfers utilizing the safe.


  1. Currently, cross chain transfer options are limited within the safe
  2. As Zodiac module becomes more prevalent and DAO actions require cross chain actions
  3. experience is catered towards EOA wallets
  4. Users might make a mistake in inputting the wrong safe address, so a safe app would be better suited

Screen Grab

Screen cast of usage of safe for transfer between Ethereum and Polygon



Next steps

  1. Improve the UX of existing app
  2. is changing the flow via optimistic bridges which would greatly simplify gnuswap usage

Would love to get more feedback on the app itself and also on how to make it into a safe-app on github


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this is looking good! Are you working on it by yourself?

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Hi @dasanra, Thank you! Mostly myself, but with some help from another developer. Hoping to upgrade to the new version of connext, where it should be only a single action for transfer.

gd work,i like it so much