Guardians Gather

there’ll be another round (volume 2) to appoint new Guardians who have since contributed to the SafeDAO ecosystem. No date yet though.


It’s a great honour to be selected! Let’s BUIDL!


Congratulations to all guardians!


this is awesome. what if we want to contribute? how we can see if we are able to help out the projct

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We’ll be launching better documentation shortly on how to contribute and get involved.

The tldr is that there’s many different ways to contribute (write support / tutorial articles, push dapps to integrate Safe, create your own Safe App, merge a PR in the safe-global repo, create marketing materials / memes, translate content etc) and the community will recognise these contributions. Guardians Volume 2 will take place again soon to recognise that work.


seems some have got the Safe Guardian Role in the discord, but I have not got it. ^^

Check out your Discord name now in the server @Thomas_Hu


Great to be part of the fam!


yes. Got the role already. Awesome!!!

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How can guardians become delegates on the claim app?

Also @MetaGuardian Can you grant me the discord role? username izkp#1401

@isaac You’ve now been assigned the Discord role. We’ll also DM you to collect delegate info for adding new delegates post today’s launch.


Hey frens. Question. How does one apply to be a SAFE delegate (not specifically guardian)?

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Excited Safe guardian here :wave:

@MetaGuardian is there something I can do to validate the discord role?

Discord handle: ! Denham |

Hi! @MetaGuardian

Here is my discord handle for the guardian role:
Guardian: nachomazzara | Nacho DCL#6829


I’m a Guardian with Trips Community @MetaGuardian
I am also a delegate.

  • how to claim the $SAFE?
  • How to get the Discord role
    Discord handle LucaTripsCommunity#1781
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@LucaTripsCommunity @imazzara @Denham - you’ve each been assigned your Guardians Discord role.

@LucaTripsCommunity - claim your SAFE using the claim app

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thanks for the role!
I tried, asking for help in Discord, thanks.

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Hi! Glad to be here in good company.
@MetaGuardian Can you also add me (jaensen#3817) to the guardian role?

Line up looks interesting. bump​:zap::100:

@MetaGuardian anything to do to claim the guardian role or to become a guardian? I asked above and got no response.