[HOW TO] SafeDAO Governance Process

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SafeDAO starts with a lean and iterative governance setup. It is expected that over time, additional responsibilities will be transferred to the SafeDAO and the processes will adapt accordingly.

Phase 0: Forum Discussion

This phase is optional, however it is recommended to discuss new ideas on the Safe community forum, since a successful proposal will need to garner momentum inside the community.

Duration: No minimum or maximum time frame on how long a proposal remains in this phase

Who: Anyone can post

Form: No formal requirements

Phase 1: Safe Ecosystem Proposal (SEP)

A SEP provides a structured overview of the proposal that acts as basis for further discussions and also as foundation for decision making during the next phase.

Duration: Minimum 6 days

Who: Anyone create a SEP

Form: Post in the SEP section of the Safe community forum. The forum post has to follow the SEP template

Phase 2: Community Vote

The final ratification of an SEP requires a successful vote on the safe.eth Snapshot space that fulfills the following requirements.

Duration: Proposal must have a voting delay of 1 day and a voting period of 7 days.

Who: To prevent spam, only SAFE holders with at least 20,000 SAFE can post proposals on Snapshot. Governance participants that do not reach this threshold should find a proposal sponsor (such as a Safe Guardian) to launch a Snapshot vote


  • Voting system - Restricted to single choice voting. One outcome needs to be “Make no changes”
  • Quorum - 10,000,000 SAFE
  • Majority - Relative majority of the SAFE used for voting on Snapshot
  • Proposal title - SEP:
  • Proposal description - Has to follow the SEP template
  • Proposal discussion link - Link to SEP on the forum



great job. easy procedure to follow