Issue with cpk.sendTransactions()

Hi, I’ve built a script to test Gnosis safe and batch transactions and when I’m trying to call

const { promiEvent, hash } = await cpk.execTransactions( [ { to: troveFactory.address, data: troveFactory.interface.encodeFunctionData("createTrove", [albt.address]) } ], { gasPrice: "1000000000" } );

I get this kind of error

TransactionError: proxy creation and transaction execution expected to fail at CpkTransactionManager.<anonymous> (/Users/x/Desktop/Blockchain/x/node_modules/contract-proxy-kit/src/transactionManagers/CpkTransactionManager/index.ts:259:12) at (<anonymous>) at fulfilled (/Users/volodymyr/x/Blockchain/x/node_modules/contract-proxy-kit/lib/cjs/transactionManagers/CpkTransactionManager/index.js:5:58) at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5) { revertData: '0x000000000000000000000000af30f8d9d4ee37b90733f19b1e72d76123003531', revertMessage: undefined }.

Maybe someone know what is wrong and how to fix this, or at least how to investigate the issue?

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After investigation I’ve found out that issue probably happens because of cpkTrasactionmanager.findGasLimit returns success = false, but still dunno how to fix this, I’ve tried to set gasLimit param in options but this changes nothing. I’m using volta chain, can this cause any issues?

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