New Proposal: Reworked SAFE distribution for users

Yeah not sure who made that decision but it makes no sense

what about other chains like: Gnosis, Optimism, Arbitrum etc. or only for ETH users? are you planning to reward for others chains too?

You may need to read the distribution proposal to see the area where you question is addressed

See below screenshot


Thank you for looking out for the community.

I am now getting a lot less. I hope everyone is now happy. They may not be worth to claim for me. :weary:

Hello I have created 50 days ago wallet But including receiving. I haven’t because according to you I should be eligible
Wallet address gnosis

Is your safe deployed on Ethereum :question:
Did you make at least 1 transaction :question:

You need at least 1 transaction. Appears you created the Safe, but that’s it. No transactions after you created the Safe. Unfortunately just creating the Safe doesn’t qualify to receive airdrop.

Yes I wrote the address for you, you can check it, tell your colleagues in Discord Saying that it will be handled here

hi sir
i create wallet on Jul 23
on Ethereum


Did you make at least 1 transaction ? Yes

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According to your own words, creation is included

So we must be eligible
But why are we not eligible???

Yes, it seems that there is no justice anywhere

According to this HAccording to this word, creating yourself is included unless there is no justice

Unfortunately just creating a Safe doesn’t qualify. Must have at least 1 transaction as stated in first post.

“Minimum number of txs made: Reduce to 1 (was at 3 before)”

Creating a Safe does not count as a transaction.

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Do the justice by reading the eligibility criteria well, friend

Highlights of the eligibility criteria are:
:one: Create SAFE on Ethereum before 18th August, 2022
:two: Make at least 1 transaction (outgoing or incoming) before 18th August, 2022

BTW, it’s important to note that this is still a proposal according to the title


Many with conditions like mine include received anodes

Ohhh my goodness stop with the complaints, if you didn’t perform a tx then you shouldn’t be rewarded, creating a safe and letting it sit there isn’t proactive…wtf is wrong with y’all.

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Stop bitchin…if you aren’t posting anything constructive pls stfu.

Hi there. I have created my safe on Ethereum on JUN 12, 2022 and also have Eth and USDC on my wallet and also some transaction on 17 august but my wallet address is not there in the list!
Is there any chance to find my $Safe?

Hello sir great project