Safe Grants Program (SGP)

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  • Title: Safe Grants Program (SGP)
  • Author: netrunner.eth
  • Created: 2022-09-19


The mission of the Safe Grants Program is to provide valuable resources to help grow the Safe ecosystem and $SAFE token utility.


The purpose of this Safe Ecosystem Proposal (SEP) is to gather support within the community to pass a vote to allow the formation of a Safe Grants Program (SGP). The mission of the Safe Grants Program is to provide valuable resources to help grow the Safe brand, ecosystem and $SAFE token utility. The program can start small, and if successful, it could grow to fund decentralized protocol development, hackathons, new UX tools, marketing efforts, documentation, tooling, etc.

As a grants program is a subjective process that cannot be easily automated, the proposal calls for a small committee of at LEAST 5 members (comprised of an odd number to break any ties) to review proposals and deliver an efficient, predictable process to applicants.


The mission of the SGP is to provide valuable resources to help grow the Safe brand and ecosystem. Through public discourse and inbound applications, the community will get first-hand exposure to identify and respond to the most pressing needs of the ecosystem, as well as the ability to support innovative projects expanding the capabilities of the Safe ecosystem.

By rewarding talent early with developer incentives, bounties, and infrastructure support, the SGP acts as a catalyst for growth and helps to make Safe the provider of choice for storing assets.


Initially, the SGP aims to start narrow in scope, funding peripheral ecosystem initiatives, such as targeted bounties, hackathons, dashboards, simple UX tools, sponsorships, and other low-stakes means of building out the Safe ecosystem. Over time, if the program proves effective, the grant allocations can grow in scope to include, for example, improved frontends, better UX interfaces, and eventually protocol development.

For context Gitcoin CLR Round 7 distributed $725k ($450k in matched) across 857 projects, so a little goes a long way. This kind of ecosystem grant program may help expand the $SAFE tokens utility.

Committee Members

While the goals and priorities of the grant program will be thoroughly discussed and reviewed by the community through public discourse, the decision to start SGP by operating as a small committee is to ensure that the application and decision process will be efficient and predictable, so applicants have clear objectives and timely decisions.

Starting with a minimum 5 members enables the committee to efficiently fund projects with tight feedback loops and rapid iterations. The purpose of this committee would be to test the hypothesis that the Safe Grants Program can successfully provide value for the $SAFE ecosystem.

Note: Committee members selection (and any stipend) should be tabled as a separate discussion if this Safe Ecosystem Proposal gains sufficient interest.


The budget proposed for the SGP is:

  • $100K of $SAFE or $USDC per Month;
  • For a total of 6 months.

The assumption is that $600k worth of $SAFE seems appropriate, relative to the expected size of the treasury that $SAFE token holders will be entrusted with.

Prior to the end of the 6 Month proposed SGP, a new SGP renewal proposal should be tabled by this community using data collected from the SGP to assess the program and inform its next phase.

Grant Allocation Committee:

  • At LEAST a minimum of 5 committee members;
  • Each committee has a term of 6 months after which the program needs to be renewed by the SafeDAO governance; and
  • Committee functions as a 4 of 5 multi-sig.
  • Committee comprised of at least 1 Safe core team member who can assess technical grants.
  • A small stipend for committee members for taking time to review grant applications and approve transactions.

Technical Implementation

  • If the vote passes the SafeDAO core team shall create the required Multi-sig safe; and
  • A new SEP shall be raised by the community to call for SGP Committee member selection and stipend amount.
  • A new section on Discourse for grant applications and transparent review.


  • Provides incentive to grow the Safe ecosystem;
  • Improves utility for the $SAFE token;
  • Increases demand for the $SAFE token;
  • As more people own the $SAFE token, it will encourage further interactions with the Safe protocol; and
  • I believe it is good for our community.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Good Proposal !!! :+1:
This could be helpful.

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Appreciate the effort to push this proposal live!

I’d love for a grants program to exist, but one thing before we start allocating resources for Safe DAO is to decide on how the entirety of the DAO should be managing its resources (what are its goals/north star, what are the metrics/KPIs we should be using as a feedback loop, what are the various strategies to get there?, how do we establish a feedback loop of accountability? etc.) In most DAOs, the community has failed to identify and address these areas before deploying resources via grants/initiatives, and as a result failed to achieve impact.

From the 1kx side we will be publishing an operating model for Safe DAO’s resource allocation soon for public feedback in the next week or so.

For the timebeing, I’d love to connect and chat over telegram if you’re open to it.


Agree with this perspective. It seems premature to consider allocating capital to anything given we do not yet have clarity on the DAO’s overall goals, nor do we have a sense of the financial health of the organization given the token has not yet been airdropped and priced in liquid markets.

That being said, this is something I’d like to see eventually. Specifically, I’d also like to explore the success and failures of other DAOs grant programs to understand how we can attract the best talent to the grants program and most efficiently allocate funds.


We currently have a similar grants program running with Cow Protocol for the last 3 months and have have seen interesting and useful proposals funded to grow and improve the ecosystem. For anyone unfamiliar with CowSwap, it is a protocol also spun out of Gnosis.

I expect that if the community supports the establishment of a Safe Grants Program, it will likely take some time prior to going live, as there would be a second SIP/SEP to call for grant committee members (as per the proposal). By which time most of the issues raised by in this forum should have been ironed out.

Is there somewhere we can read on the process / structure of the Cowswap grants program and any public info on what grants where given out under what reasoning?

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Visit the Cow DAO Grants Program here.

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